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Lynx XKSS: Made famous by Steve McQueen when it appeared in the Thomas Crown Affair, the Jaguar XKSS is one of the rarest of all Jaguars.   Jaguar evolved the XKSS from the Le Mans winning, Jaguar D-Type racing cars at the end of 1956.  In early 1957,  a fire at the Browns Lane, Jaguar factory destroyed all but 16 of the original cars.   Like many other legendary sports cars, the original Jaguar XKSS are highly coveted collector cars commanding prices in the millions and inspiring a number of imitations.  

An acknowledged master in this highly specialized field was the Sussex-based firm of Lynx Engineering.  To this day, the Lynx built cars maintain an  international reputation for accuracy and quality second to none. The car we offer is one of an exclusive series of only nine such replicas made by them.   Exactly as the original cars were built in the Jaguar prototype shop, this car is constructed of riveted aluminum sheet.  The coachwork conforms to the original method of construction.  Like the original, the Lynx XKSS is powered by Jaguars classic straight 6 cylinder engine with twin overhead camshafts.  This motor is a slightly larger displacement, up-rated 3.8-litre fit with triple Weber 45DCOE carburettors. Other noteworthy features include authentic 16" Knock-off wheels,  leather interior, and a correct original D-Type tachometer. 


This XKSS replica was the very last car (9 of 9) to leave the original Lynx works at St.Leonards-On-Sea under the direction of John Mayston-Taylor. The quality and attention to detail of the cars built at Lynx was without equal.   The full alloy body is to the exact dimensions of the original with the exception of a slightly enlarged fore and aft cockpit opening.   This modification is not visible even when parked next to an original XKSS.   

We purchased this car new direct from Lynx.  We have retained all the original receipts.   The car immediately went into a client's collection and remained there seeing very little use.   In May of 2017 the car was returned to us.  It was serviced and driven from Redondo Beach to a private event in Woodside CA (nr San Francisco) and back.  About 900 miles round trip. 

The car is located at our shop in Redondo Beach, California.  Personal inspection by the buyer or a designated representative is encouraged and may be arranged by appointment. 

Price is $550,000.00