Tillack & Co.

Dave Holls, retired Director of Design at General Motors, spent forty years, serving as Chief Designer for Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet and Opel in conjunction with Charles “Chuck” Jordan.    This original Holls design for Bob Shaw, dates from 1982 in the spirit of “ What Might Have Been” if Jean Bugatti created an ultra-sporting design for a very special client.  Given additional detail and definition by GM associate Gary Counts with two additional GM designers Gary D. Smith and Larry Brinker,  specialists in modeling and contouring brought in to produce full scale renderings, build up a ¼ scale model and a full scale clay model to further refine the design.

The supercharged, Type 57,  dry sump engine,  number 453 originally fit to Ventoux chassis number 75608 underwent a complete rebuild by the highly respected firm of Phil Reilly and Company .   Mounted to the Type 57 frame which has been widened by 5 inches are Type 59 Front and Rear axles with original 4 speed synchromesh gearbox number 73CCV6 .  Finishing the chassis are the incredibly beautiful Type 59 “Piano Wire” straight spoke wheels incorporating the Bugatti’s  brakes.  

The assembly was begun by Arizona based fabricator and assembler Chuck Rahn.  Upon the project being acquired by noted collector Ron Kellog the coachwork was taken over by  New Zealander Andy Palmer who had set up shop in Bellflower California.  

Additional Project Support from:

Bugatti Owners Club, Cheltenham UK            Brineton Engineering          

The Schlumpf Collection / Museum                Crosthwait & Gardner         

Ivan Dutton                                                        Rich I Anson

Price $750,000