Tillack & Co.

1970 Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab “Doka” Pickup

Equipped with new VW flat-four paired with a 4-speed manual gearbox and finished in white over black.  We purchased this truck in 1998 after several years of contact with the previous owner.  It was used daily as the shop parts chaser truck and became our support vehicle at the Monterey Historics for the next 15 years.  We retired it from active duty in 2012.

The original engine was replaced with new SCAT (our neighbor) supplied Brazilian-built 1,679cc Type 1 crate motor with a 69 mm crank, 88mm pistons, with a single downdraft carburetor.  We also added an alternator conversion.

The transaxle has been rebuilt by Transaxle Engineering with a higher fourth gear ratio to lower engine RPM during freeway driving.

Additional updates include 1974 model year Ball Joint front suspension, Front Disc Brakes, and Larger Rear Drums along with a dual-circuit brake booster.  In short; IT STOPS!

White is the original color.  Complete repaints were conducted in 1998 and again in 2004 following collision damage at the right front.  The VW emblem normally mounted at the front was removed as they are frequently stolen!  The body is in overall exceptionally good, rust free condition with only a minor area under the left front floor matt (photo attached.   The correct pre-1973 bumpers and corner lights are retained.  Each of the three bed gates can be lowered individually.  The side latches were re-chromed.  Note the rubber stops equipped on the third door, tailgate, and drop sides. The two holes in the tail gate allow the tail lights to be visible when the gate is lowered.    

The interior features a split front bench and 3-across rear seating.  Minor issues are: The odometer shows approximately 75k miles, about 35k of which have been added since it was acquired.  Total chassis mileage is unknown. The fuel gage is inconsistent and the speedometer is erratic.  There is a small tear in the headliner and the rear cabin bulkhead pad is somewhat deteriorated. Additional photos are available for the asking.  

Service records from the time of our purchase, with clean California Title in the company name.